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“UL Listed” v. “UL Recognized”? What’s the difference?

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“UL Listed” v. “UL Recognized”? What’s the difference?

The key difference between these two notions is that a “UL Listed” product has been fully tested while the “UL Recognized” label applies only to a component in the finished product.

UL Listed Mark
UL Listed
This type of mark is often seen on every day consumer devices such as computer equipment, heaters, electrical switchboards, etc. as well as end products and component assemblies suitable for factory and field installations. All products bearing a “UL Listed” mark are covered by UL’s follow-up services program. This ensures that the finished products and components marked “UL Listed” continue to be manufactured in accordance with UL’s safety requirements.

A “UL Listed” mark on a product generally requires four major elements :
• UL in a step-by-step mark
• the word “Listed”
• product name or company name / file number
• serial number or alphanumeric control number

UL Recognized Mark
UL recognized
This mark are rarely seen by consumers because they are used on components that are part of a product or a larger system. There may be restrictions on the components’ performance or their construction may not be complete. Component recognition marking is found on a wide range of products, such as switches, power supplies, printed circuit boards, industrial control equipment, etc.
The components covered by the “UL Recognized” mark program are factory installed, mainly on an assembly line, in another device, system, or end product.

When a product or a complete system containing “UL Recognized” components is evaluated, the final product’s evaluation process may be rationalized.

The UL component evaluation process may include an examination and construction tests. The guidelines determining whether a component is suitable for use in an end product are included in the test report from UL as conditions of acceptability. This information is available in UL’s online certification directory and the UL IQTM parametric databases.

Like “UL Listed” products, components marked “UL Recognized” are covered by UL’s follow-up services program in order to determine continued compliance with UL’s requirements

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